10 Most Lucrative Businesses to Open in Idaho in 2023

Are you looking to start your own business in Idaho? With its growing economy and diverse industries, there are plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most lucrative businesses to open in Idaho in 2023 based on data-driven analysis.

First on our list is the food service industry. As more people seek out unique dining experiences, there’s an increasing demand for niche restaurants and cafes that offer local and organic fare.

The technology industry also presents a wealth of opportunities as Idaho continues to attract tech companies with its favorable tax policies and highly skilled workforce.

Outdoor recreation is another thriving industry in Idaho, with tourists flocking to the state’s national parks, ski resorts, and hiking trails year-round.

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If you’re considering joining Idaho’s thriving business scene, you’ll want to explore the best businesses to start in idaho. With its favorable economic climate, skilled workforce, and diverse industries, Idaho offers lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs in sectors like technology, tourism, and agriculture.

The healthcare sector is also seeing significant growth as the population ages and requires more specialized care.

Finally, retail remains a strong option for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on consumer spending trends. With so many thriving industries to choose from, starting a business in Idaho has never been more exciting or rewarding.

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Food Service Industry

If you’re interested in opening a business in Idaho, the food service industry is where it’s at. Imagine serving up mouthwatering burgers and fries to hungry locals and tourists alike! Idahoans love good food and appreciate locally sourced ingredients. By using fresh, local ingredients in your dishes, you can tap into this growing market while supporting local farmers and producers.

In addition to sourcing locally, incorporating popular culinary trends into your menu can help attract customers and set you apart from competitors. Some current trends include plant-based options, global flavors such as Korean or Mexican cuisine, and creative twists on classic comfort foods like macaroni and cheese. By staying ahead of these trends and offering unique menu items, you can keep diners coming back for more.

Of course, running a successful restaurant involves more than just good food. It requires careful planning and management. But with the right approach, starting a food service business in Idaho can be a lucrative venture. As we’ll explore in the next section about the technology industry, incorporating modern tools like online ordering systems or social media marketing can help drive success even further.

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Technology Industry

You’ll love how the tech industry in Idaho is thriving right now, with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs like yourself to jump in and make a name for themselves. Future prospects look incredibly promising as Idaho’s technology sector continues to grow at an impressive rate. In fact, according to recent data, job opportunities in the technology industry are projected to increase by 18% over the next five years.

Here are just a few reasons why Idaho is quickly becoming a hot spot for anyone looking to start their own tech business:

  • Low cost of living: Compared to other states known for their tech industries (such as California), Idaho offers significantly lower living expenses. This means you can invest more money into growing your business without worrying about high overhead costs.
  • Booming Startup Scene: Boise has become one of the most exciting startup scenes in the country thanks to initiatives such as Trailhead and Boise Angel Alliance, which provide resources and funding support for startups.
  • Accessible Workforce: With top-notch universities like Boise State University and Idaho State University producing skilled graduates every year, there’s no shortage of talented workers ready to join your team.
  • Government Support: The state government offers tax incentives, grants, and other financial assistance programs specifically designed to help startups succeed.

With all these advantages on your side, it’s clear that starting a tech business in Idaho could be a smart choice.

Now let’s take a look at another lucrative industry that’s booming in this beautiful state – outdoor recreation!

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Outdoor Recreation Industry

As we explore the Outdoor Recreation industry in Idaho, we can’t help but notice the potential for Adventure Tourism, Equipment Rentals and Guided Tours.

With its diverse landscapes, crystal-clear rivers, and rugged mountains, Idaho is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

The state’s natural beauty has already attracted tourists from all over the globe looking for a thrilling adventure or a relaxing getaway.

Adventure Tourism

To truly experience Idaho’s rugged beauty, immerse yourself in adventure tourism – the state’s most thrilling and sought-after industry. Adventure tourism offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore Idaho’s diverse landscapes while engaging in activities such as white-water rafting, rock-climbing, and zip-lining.

As an industry that values environmental sustainability and cultural immersion, adventure tourism encourages visitors to engage with local communities while minimizing their impact on natural environments.

Here are five reasons why adventure tourism is a lucrative business opportunity in Idaho:

  • The state boasts a diverse range of outdoor recreational opportunities that attract tourists from around the world.
  • Adventure tourism has grown by 65% globally since 2009.
  • As travelers become more environmentally conscious, they seek out sustainable travel options like those offered by adventure tourism operators.
  • Visitors who participate in adventure activities tend to stay longer and spend more money than traditional tourists.
  • Adventure tourism provides opportunities for small businesses to thrive by offering unique experiences and personalized services.

As the demand for adventure tourism continues to grow, equipment rentals have become an essential component of this industry.

Equipment Rentals

If you’re planning on experiencing Idaho’s adventure tourism industry, consider renting equipment to fully immerse yourself in the activities. The benefits of equipment leasing are numerous; it allows for flexibility, cost savings, and the ability to try out new equipment before making a purchase. Additionally, renting means that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or storage of bulky items like kayaks or mountain bikes.

Some popular types of equipment rentals in Idaho include watercraft such as canoes and paddleboards for exploring the state’s many rivers and lakes, as well as snowmobiles and cross-country skis for winter sports enthusiasts. For those looking for a more unique experience, there are also options like hot air balloon rides or horseback riding tours.

Whatever your adventure may be, renting equipment is an excellent way to enhance your experience while reducing costs.

As we move into the next section about guided tours, it’s important to note that many rental companies also offer guided excursions with knowledgeable locals who can show you the best spots and provide safety tips along the way. These tours often come equipped with all necessary gear so that you can focus on enjoying yourself without worrying about logistics.

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Guided Tours

Joining a guided tour is a fantastic way for you to explore Idaho’s vast wilderness with the help of experienced guides. These tours offer custom itineraries that cater to your interests and preferences, making sure that you get the most out of your adventure. Whether you want to hike through rugged terrain, go whitewater rafting on wild rivers, or simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery of historical landmarks, there’s a guided tour that will suit your needs.

To give you an idea of what kind of tours are available in Idaho, check out this table:

Type of Tour Description
Hiking Tours Led by knowledgeable guides who can take you off the beaten path and show you hidden gems.
Whitewater Rafting Tours Perfect for adrenaline junkies who love thrills and spills on the river.
Historical Landmark Tours Explore Idaho’s rich history and culture with expert guides who can take you back in time.
Wildlife Viewing Tours Get up close and personal with some of Idaho’s amazing wildlife species like elk, moose, bears, wolves and bighorn sheep

As you can see from this table, there are plenty of options when it comes to guided tours in Idaho. These tours offer an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience all that this beautiful state has to offer while learning about its history and natural wonders. In addition to being fun and educational experiences for tourists, these tours also generate significant revenue for local businesses. Next up we’ll be exploring another lucrative industry in Idaho – healthcare!

Healthcare Industry

You’ll want to consider the healthcare industry as one of the most lucrative businesses to open in Idaho in 2023. With telemedicine advancements and nursing shortage solutions, there’s a growing need for healthcare services in the state.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are projected to grow by 14% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Idaho’s rapidly aging population will require more medical attention in the coming years. By opening a healthcare business, you can cater to this demographic and ensure that they receive quality care.

Furthermore, with technological advancements, telemedicine has become an increasingly popular option for patients who cannot physically visit clinics or hospitals. Offering telemedicine services can also help you reach a wider audience and increase your revenue.

It’s important to note that there is some overlap between the healthcare and retail industries. For instance, pharmacies fall under both categories and offer excellent opportunities for growth. By combining traditional pharmacy services with online ordering and delivery options, you can create a unique experience for your customers while staying ahead of competitors.

Retail Industry

When considering the retail industry, you can focus on creating a unique shopping experience for your customers by incorporating technology and personalized customer service. In today’s world, consumers are looking for more than just a product. They want an immersive experience that connects them to the brand and its values. By implementing marketing strategies that highlight your company’s story and mission, you can attract new customers while retaining loyal ones.

One way to create a unique shopping experience is by using technology to enhance customer interactions. For example, interactive displays or virtual reality experiences can provide shoppers with a hands-on understanding of products before purchasing them. Additionally, incorporating personalized customer service can make customers feel valued and appreciated. This could include offering customized recommendations based on their past purchases or providing exclusive offers.

Customer retention is also key in the retail industry. Repeat customers not only increase revenue but also serve as brand ambassadors through word-of-mouth marketing. To retain these valuable customers, it’s important to offer loyalty programs or incentives such as discounts on future purchases or free shipping for frequent buyers. By focusing on both customer acquisition and retention strategies, businesses within the retail industry can set themselves up for success in Idaho’s growing economy.

Marketing Strategies Customer Retention Examples
Highlighting Company Story/Mission Loyalty Programs Discounts on future purchases
Interactive Displays/Virtual Reality Experiences Exclusive Offers Free Shipping for Frequent Buyers
Personalized Customer Service Follow-up Communication/Feedback Requests Customized Recommendations Based on Past Purchases
Social Media Advertising/Influencer Partnerships Excellent Product Quality/Consistency Offering Limited-Edition Products/Services

Overall, opening a business within Idaho’s retail industry requires an innovative mindset that emphasizes creating unique experiences for customers while retaining their loyalty over time through effective marketing strategies and personalized customer service. Incorporating emerging technologies into day-to-day operations along with thoughtful communication and follow-up with customers can help businesses in this industry succeed.


Overall, opening a business in Idaho in 2023 can be a lucrative endeavor. The top five industries that offer the most potential for growth and profitability are the Food Service Industry, Technology Industry, Outdoor Recreation Industry, Healthcare Industry, and Retail Industry.

These industries have shown consistent growth over time and have a significant impact on Idaho’s economy. As more people move to Idaho for its natural beauty and lower cost of living compared to other states, the demand for these businesses will only continue to increase.

However, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research and create a solid business plan before launching any venture. By doing so, entrepreneurs can identify gaps in the market and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Overall, with proper planning and execution, opening a business in Idaho can be an incredibly rewarding experience both financially and personally.

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